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You know that one friend you have that knows wayyyyy more than anyone should know about some super esoteric topic that no one else gives a shit about?

Like every Philadelphia Eagles statistic from the 1990s, or a bunch of obscure bands that no one has heard of, or the intimate details of the WWI battle of Whogivesafuckistan, or the plot of every Simpsons episode.

And usually they are an insufferable know-it-all prick about the topic and they shove it down your throat every chance they get.

I’m that guy. Except with wine.

I’ve spent the last twenty-five years reading, studying, and traveling all over the world to wine regions, meeting the people and drinking the wine, and generally being an obsessive asshole about the topic.

If you want more cred, I’m also a certified sommelier. And a certified specialist of wine. More importantly, I’m on deck to become America’s 46th person ever to qualify as a Master of Wine. If I can pass the final goddamn tasting exam.

I also started the entire wine industry in the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas. (True story – google that shit.)

And I’ve written a handful of books about wine. You can check those out here, if you’re interested. I also own the world’s only Punk Rock Old World Wine Bar.

Check Out Books I’ve Written

Blinders Book Cover
Double Blind Book Cover
Blind Faith Book Cover
The Champagne Tales Book Cover
Drinking and Knowing Things Book Cover

I started Drinking & Knowing Things for my friends who wanted to get more into wine, without having to spend any time actually studying or reading anything (I have lazy piece of shit friends).

The point is to make wine fun and interesting again, without any of the winedouchery, and also the ability to drink copious amounts of it without having to follow any of the “rules”.

DISCLAIMER: If you are offended by strong opinions, vulgar language, or shit talk, you should just close your browser window now and go back to your oaky California Chardonnay. I am in no way responsible for your feelings.

Now I’m letting you all in on the party.

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