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All over the world, wine is simply an integral part of people’s lives. Growing grapes, making wine, drinking wine are as commonplace as baking bread. It’s a right, not a privilege.

Somehow, we fucked that up in the US. Somehow we made wine this whole big thing, with rules and etiquette and made it super intimidating to people.

Our bad.

I’m going to change all that.

If you are interested or curious about wine, but don’t want to spend hours reading books and studying and writing detailed notes about how this wine has an insouciant finish of candied persimmon and smoked flint or some bullshit like that, this is for you. It requires very little effort, other than drinking a lot of wine.

If you actually follow this – I guarantee that within three months you will know more about wine than half the sommeliers you will run into. Within six months, you’ll become the go-to wine person in your friend group. In a year, you’ll have the confidence and wine game to hold your own with the geekiest wine experts around.

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